Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Year In Review

There’s not a lot has changed for us
Since last I sent a rhyme,
What has changed has been memorable,
And worth a little time.

So chronologically I’ll tell
The story of our year,
I’ll say my piece and then get out,
I’ll not long bend your ear.

A story Dana wrote will be
In print in twenty-ten,
We’ll give a date precise when we
Find out, and only then.

The spring is when it’s likely to
Be found in better stores,
As part of an anthology
Made up of crime and gore.

The Sole Heir donned a cap and gown
To graduate in June,
The family convened in droves;
Agoraphobes would swoon.

In summer Colorado Kings
Came east, and we northwest,
To spend a week with Mom and Dad,
And get a little rest.

‘Twas meant to be relaxing time
Back at the old homestead,
Instead, most time was taken up
In building me a shed.

Then Rachel took the center stage
When school came letting in
Matriculating at the U
Of M, a Terrapin.

A scholarship hard earned will pay
For most of what she owes,
Allowing her to save some cash
For where’er next she goes.

Then just when everyone was sure
The year would surely pass
With whimper in lieu of a bang,
Like many in the past

Beloved Spouse Equivalent
And I had one surprise:
Thanksgiving weekend, here at home,
For just the family’s eyes

We married in our living room,
A most informal wed,
Still, binding legally it is,
(At least, that’s what they said).

An honest man and woman we
Have made of her and me,
To bring this year to rousing end,
Another full of glee.


Charlieopera said...

Bravo, amico!

Have a great holiday!

John McFetridge said...

Hey, congratulations!