One Bite at a Time

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The American

I was going to spend a chunk of this beautiful morning (I'm off work, extending my Labor Day weekend) writing an insightful review of the new George Clooney film, The American. My morning blog scan shows The Outlaw Vern has beat me to it. He has everything I would have mentioned, and he's far more entertaining, so you might as well read his. (There is one mild spoiler, but he warns you well.)

One note: The Beloved Spouse agrees with him about Clooney's occupation; I disagree. He dispatches a couple of people too well just to be the armorer.


Corky said...

See, it wasn't called "The Specialist," although it could've been. He could be a very well trained guy who has to know how to shoot very well in order to make his weapons. And, like Vern says, he dispatches one person so quickly that he might've wanted to have a moment to ponder it first...

pattinase (abbott) said...

The reviews are all over the place. Don't know what to do.