Tuesday, November 30, 2010

634 at Twist of Noir

Christopher Grant's A Twist of Noir blog is running an interesting series. To commemorate the blog's increasing presence as a venue for short crime fiction, stories 600-700 were commissioned to come in at exactly the number of words as the story's order in ATON's oeuvre. My contribution occupied spot 634, and was required to come in at 634 words. Not 633, and 635 was right out. Exactly 634.

In a fit of imagination rare even for someone of my creative inclination, my story is titled 634. I hope you enjoy it. Take some time to browse around the site while you're there. It's well worth the time.

Many thanks to Christopher for risking the high standards of his blog by inviting me to participate.

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Anonymous said...

Cool story, and well done! I like the whole 643 thread. Nice symmetry. :)