Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Praise for Worst Enemies

Mike Dennis, whose Key West noir series is first-rate (Setup on Front Street, The Ghosts of Havana, Man-Slaughter), has given Worst Enemies  a four-star review on Amazon. His comments are below:

Dana King has followed up his first novel, WILD BILL, in strong fashion. Unlike its predecessor, which was a compelling story of Mafia intrigue, WORST ENEMIES is a finely-tuned police procedural, playing out like an episode of DRAGNET, emphasizing the mundane footwork of small-town cops. When a grisly murder grabs their attention, local detectives Ben Dougherty and Willie Grabek roll into action.
King makes a pretzel out of the STRANGERS ON A TRAIN story of two men agreeing to kill each other's wives. Not long after the first murder is committed, the killer is identified, leaving you to wonder where it can possibly go from there. Don't worry. The author holds your interest precisely by making you ask that question at every turn.

I stumbled over the names of the characters on more than one occasion (Obbink, Neuschwander, Zywiciel). I would agree with Charlie Stella's assessment that more familiar, more pronounceable last names would help.

Okay, I’ll give him Zywiciel, but a least he spelled it right. I deserve some points for not naming anyone Dzanaj.

Thanks, Mike. Man-Slaughter waits impatiently on my Kindle as we speak.


Mike Dennis said...

Dzanaj? Dzanaj?

Dana King said...

Yep. pronounced "JON-eye."