Monday, June 25, 2012

In a Toronto State of Mind

I find myself taking my summer writing hiatus more seriously than usual this year, as I noticed over the weekend I haven’t even done much in the way of blog posts. I’ll catch up a little this week.

John McFetridge’s books are once again available for Kindle, as IPG and Amazon have ended their pissing contest. For those who those who may be unfamiliar with John’s work, well, dumb ass, get over there. He’s writing a series that’s not really a series, four novels that all take place in the same fictional universe, sharing characters and chronology, but not written as one to follow the other. He may have found the way to keep a series fresh. We’ll have to wait to see, since most people think four volumes is about when things get dicey, and four is the current number of his Saints of Hell stories. (“Saints of Hell” is the name of the biker gang playing a key role in all the stories.) The first three stories (Dirty Sweet, Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, Swap) have been bundled into a set and are available for $11.16, which is a measly $3.72 per book. This is an even better deal than the $2.99 it costs for either Wild Bill or Worst Enemies, because, frankly, John is a better writer. His latest, Tumblin’ Dice, is also available. You don’t get them, it’s your loss.

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