Saturday, September 3, 2011

Best Reads for August

I got bogged down in a long baseball book this month and didn’t cover as much ground as usual. Still, a couple of books stand out.

Big Numbers, Jack Getze. Austin Carr is a stockbroker driven into increased sleaziness because his income can’t keep up with his alimony and child-support obligations. New vistas of opportunity open up when his biggest client becomes terminally ill and his trophy wife has a plan to skim some money for herself before the kids can get it. Getze teases you with the ending first, but no names, then starts from the beginning, leaving several options for the bad guy. Or guys. You’re never quite sure until the end. The plot is involved, but confusing, you’re never quite sure which characters to trust, and the writing is easy on the eyes.

Absolute Zero Cool, Declan Burke. To say AZC is Elmore Leonard meets James Ellroy isn’t fair to Burke, the book, Leonard, or Ellroy. As unique a book as I’ve ever read, and worth a re-read so I have a little better idea what to expect from the get-go. (More detailed review here.)


Charlieopera said...

Received Absolute Zero Cool today in the mail. I look forward to the read. I have two books ahead of it, plus the school work, but I'm anxious to start ...

pattinase (abbott) said...

Been meaning to read both these guys for some time. Thanks for the nudge.