Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tick-Tock, the Clock is Running

The Groupees bundle is available through the end of July. So far sales have exceeded our first goal and continue to rise. Here’s the deal:

Go to the 27 Authors Crime Fiction E-Book Bundle page on the Groupees web site.

Bid whatever you think the collection is worth to you. Bids may be as low as $2.00.

You’ll receive the following e-books:

Four Funny Detective Stories, Starring Maynard Soloman, by Ben Sobieck.

Banal, by Vincent Zandri.

Kick It With Conviction, by Fiona “McDroll” Johnson.

The Noir anthology from Black Heart magazine, edited by Laura Roberts.

Cleansing Eden (The Celebrity Murders), by Ben Sobieck.

Wild Bill, by, well, me.

In addition, the top bidder will receive a handcrafted hard copy of Wild Bill, created by The Beloved Spouse specifically for this Groupees promotion. Bidders Two through Five receive signed copies of Cleansing Eden, which has recently been released in paper.

Be not dissuaded by my presence in the group; these people can write. (If you’ve already read Wild Bill, the rest of the bundle I still a great deal. Buy it, and line your Farmville bird cage with the extra copy of Wild Bill.) In addition to those listed above, the Noir collection has stories and artwork from twenty-seven collaborators, including several previously noted here on OBAAT (Dan O’Shea, Keith Rawson, Kieran Shea, and the ubiquitous Mr. Sobieck).

Not only is this a great deal for you, you get a chance to do good while doing well. Twenty percent of all proceeds will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation.

Summer will soon be gone. You’re not going to want to face the Season of Doom without something good to read. Two bucks gets you in; the high bid so far for the print copy of Wild Bill is $21. It can be delivered to you anywhere in the world mail deliveries occur. Hell, I’ll hand deliver the bastard if you live within 100 miles.

Head on over. The clock is ticking.

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