Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wild Bill (And More) Available as a Groupees Bundle

Events have precluded me from devoting the kind of attention this has deserved, but Wild Bill was selected for inclusion in a promotion that has great promise and is also a lot of fun.

Ben Sobieck, author of Cleansing Eden and the Maynard Soloman short stories, has put together a package of authors and books for the promotional web site Groupees. People can buy an entire bundle of crime fiction e-books by paying whatever they want for the books. As an incentive, premiums will be awarded to the highest bidders.

The books (and their blurbs) are:

Four Funny Detective Stories – Starring Maynard Soloman (Ben Sobieck):

Maynard is the philosopher-cum-man-of-action that we all wish we could be, the detective who solves mysteries by turning idiocy against itself.” – Peter Rozovsky, Detectives Beyond Borders (Spinetingler Award winner)

“I recommend to everyone who is looking for a quick read. It’s perfect for that pick me up laugh, that bathroom read, that afternoon escape.” - Molly Edwards, Reviews by Molly

Kick It With Conviction (Fiona Johnson):

Seven crime/noir/drama/humour original stories from Fiona ‘McDroll’ Johnson

The Noir Issue of Black Heart Magazine (Laura Roberts):

Featuring the works of old-schoolers and newcomers to the noir/crime-fiction genre. Packed with 64 pages of short, dark fiction and even shorter (and darker?!) poetry, there’s a little something for everyone with a hole in their soul—or a few bullets where there oughtn’t be.

Cleansing Eden, The Celebrity Murders (Ben Sobieck):

“Cleansing Eden is a highly suspenseful read. Benjamin Sobieck has an inventive way with words. He writes with a voice that’s strong and uniquely his.” – Debbi Mack, New York Times bestselling author of the Sam McRae series

“Cleansing Eden by Benjamin Sobieck is a gripping story about individuals who give up more and more of themselves over time, becoming the things they hate.” – Michelle Peden Vasquez, Life in Review

Banal (Vincent Zandri):

Is a writer suffering from a never ending bout of writer’s block capable of murder? Or is he simply bored with his life? In this previously published short story by bestselling noir author, Vincent Zandri, a writer commits the ultimate act of destruction to a neighbor and friend if only to finally uncover the one story he needs to write himself out of his troubles. But then, not all murders are what they appear to be. Nor are all stories.

Wild Bill (Some Guy):

Blah blah blah blah you’ve heard it all before.

To get in on this, go to and click either Get It! or Gift It! (Or both. No reason you can’t get a copy for yourself and one for someone else.)

The premiums to be awarded to the top five contributors include four autographed copies of the recently released print edition of Cleansing Eden and a unique, hand-crafted paper copy of Wild Bill. Proceeds will be split among the authors, with a share going to the National Kidney Foundation.

I’m jazzed to be included with such a talented group, and flattered to have been asked. The deal is only open for eight more days, so get in on it while you can. It’s a chance to choose your own level of support for several authors at once, as well as contribute to a worthy cause and be entertained for the contribution. (The “worthy cause” is the NKF, not me. I’m the cause of many things, few of which are considered worthy.)

Pop on over when you get a chance. Any questions can be asked at the site, or left in the comments below, and I’ll do what I can to get an answer.

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