Saturday, March 20, 2010


The Beloved Spouse and I were discussing when we'd find time to watch the episodes of Justified and South Park we have on the DVR when we remembered Southland dropped off our radar completely during and after the Olympics. We watched the first four episodes, then never came back. Neither of us feels any burning desire to catch up.

We both think the show was too inconsistent. The pilot was great, as close to The Wire as network TV is likely to get. After that, the sequence of episodes became too iambic for our tastes. The emphasis shifted from show to show: one week would mostly be spent with the street cops, the next almost exclusively with detectives. The shows focused on the black-and-whites were great; the detective shows were like watching Gray's Anatomy with guns. Too much of a soap opera.

Is it just us?


Anonymous said...

The last three episodes have been excellent. So far, the second season imo has been better than the first. Much tighter, more action packed.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Definitely not a must-see for me either. it's good but not compelling. Not sure why.