Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

Each year goes faster than before,
They’re past before you know it,
So now it’s time for me to rhyme
And prove that I’m no poet.

This year began, as winters do,
With cold and lots of snow,
I’ll not complain, but ‘twere snow rain,
We’d had to learn to row.

The holidays last year did bring
A guest to share our rooms,
‘Twas Kaitlyn, Corky’s grand-daughter,
We hope she’ll be back soon.

Then dormant lay us all till May
When action came exploding
With news and schmooze and trips to Stu’s
All fun, with no foreboding.

We started off in Wilmington,
(That’s in North Carolina)
For Kaitlyn’s mother’s birthday fete,
And few trips have been finah.

Then later in that very month
We flew to Colorado,
Niece Aspen graduated there,
Amid much broo-ha-ha-do.

And in between the two I had
A story writ in print,
An honest-to-Faulkner printed book
With my words dropped right in’t.

(In case you all are wondering,
The plot line dealt with crime,
As this note has made very clear,
I’ll ne’er be paid for rhyme.)

In June I went to Chicago
To celebrate with Stu
His birthday, yes, the Big Five-O
With sightseeing and blues.

The summer’s end saw Corky back
In Flint to see old friends
With Suzie Ovick Diebolt Kna-
pinski her time did spend.

With Eric and with Aaron, too
Some hours she did share,
‘Twas fun, but they were too quick passed,
She sees them both so rare.

With fall came yet another feat,
In Rachel’s sophomore term,
Distinguished scholarship award
Her hard work thus affirmed.

As you can see from in your mail,
Beloved Spouse has been
Creating individual cards,
This poem to put within.

Unique they are, yours and the rest,
None has a perfect twin,
Hand-made and summoned with much thought
The craft she placed herein.

For all these things—and many more—
Our anniversary
Was special, even one day late,
Because we’ve learned to see

How everything must fit its place,
All undue stress be barred,
With friends and family like you,
That’s really not too hard.

We all hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves
As much as we’ve this year,
Now Rachel, Corky, and your scribe
Extend our annual cheer.

To each and every one of you
To find some small delight
For every time you rise from bed
May all your days be bright.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Rhyming is good at Christmas, isn't it? Seems to go with the season.