Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays From OBAAT

Another pass around the sun
Is ending for us all
And I confess, the year that ebbs
Has held us all in thrall
With ups and downs and downs and ups,
Our heads we could but shake.
A hurricane was not enough;
We had our own earthquake.

The Sole Heir’s news is only good,
Her options she surveyed,
And changed her school from U of M
To down St. Mary’s way
At southern tip of Maryland,
A place she much prefers,
So strongly that, two hours away,
We still can hear her purr.

Her next year may be better still:
In May she’s off to France
Where studies medical will get
Their first prolonged glance.
She’ll stay six weeks in sunny Nice,
A Riviera clime,
She’ll learn, she’ll work, she’ll play, she’ll tour,
The time should be sublime.

The Spouse Beloved had a year
‘Twould rattle lesser souls
Her craft room’s devastation set
Her back on several goals.
The water of her discontent
Has seen its flow abate,
Its renovation’s tardiness
Is gone, no more she waits
For closet and for storage space,
More room to work her crafts,
It’s coming all together now
Despite some minor gaffes.

My year, it had a couple downs,
Though ups will far outlast,
Like surgery on both my eyes
Means they’re no longer glassed.
Twin cataracts their view had dimmed
Until both were removed,
Bionic lenses took their place;
My vision’s much improved.

A book has been produced, my first
To place in public view,
And though the sales have not been brisk,
I’ve good reviews in lieu.
Kind words from several writing peers
Describe success to me,
Wild Bill was first, two more next year,
How well they’ll do, we’ll see.

A lot of other stuff occurred
But, frankly, little good.
And mighty bored you all would be
If tell it all I would,
So I will pass, because we know
That bad times always fade
There’s no point to remember them,
To rest they should be laid.

Now once again a year will end
And all will celebrate
The winter solstice holidays
Of any faith you fete,
We hope you have a happy time,
Kick back or tie one on
That’s all for now, we’re signing off,
Till Twenty-Twelve is gone.


Timothy Hallinan said...

In rhyme, my friend, I send you all
the cheer that I can muster.
And hope that you will deck the hall
Against chill winter's bluster.

A thousand words on Christmas day
will set the new year spinning
With WILD BILL to lead the way,
A wonderful beginning.

Anonymous said...

A friend and mentor you've been
--in Virginia and now Utah--
I hope it'll never end!

Thanks for supporting my blog.
Happy New Year!