Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Love for Worst Enemies

The reviews are starting to trickle in for Worst Enemies, and the news is good. Author Ben Sobieck (Cleansing Eden) has this to say: 

That King can put the many pieces together in such a compelling way speaks to the character management he displayed in his debut, Wild Bill....The cast is large, but it never feels that way. king keeps the story grounded in police detective Ben Dougherty, a military veteran trying to shed his hard bark.

By the end, Worst Enemies was miles from Strangers On a Train...When a crime novel goes above and beyond a mere interpretation of a classic, the reader is left as satisfied as the author.

Read the entire review here.

Worst Enemies is available for Kindle for a paltry $2.99, the same as it costs to upgrade from beef to bison on your Silver Diner burger. The burger will be gone in ten minutes. the book will last.

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