Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ninety-Nine Days and Counting

It takes a lot to get a Pittsburgh boy to look forward to going to Cleveland. In fact, until now, I couldn’t think of a thing. (Except when my job paid me to go.)

As Delbert McClinton says, don’t nothing last forever.

This year’s Bouchercon conference will be held October 4 – 7 at the Cleveland Marriott Renaissance. For those unfamiliar with Bouchercon, it is the largest gathering of the year for crime fiction writers and their fans, and is about cool as stuff gets for people like me. Where else can you see established best-sellers sharing a drink with midlisters, wanna-bes, and readers? No place I can think of.

If you’re into crime fiction, take a look at the web site. Panels have yet to be announced, but you can see who will be there and scope out the logistics. If you run into me there and mention you saw this blog post, I’ll give you a free copy of one of my e-books, Wild Bill or Worst Enemies. Your choice.

See you there.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Wish I were going to be there and meet you. But we will be in Ireland where Phil is giving a talk on the election.