Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Food Was Good, Too

I’m still on vacation (yawn, stretch) which means I have time to catch up with some people I don’t get to talk to often enough. Monday I had lunch with the ubiquitous Austin Camacho. If you’re looking for way to spend an entertaining hour or so, lunch with Austin is the way to go. He is the author of two series: one featuring detective Hannibal Jones, and the Stark and O’Brien action-adventure series. He is a co-founder of Intrigue Publishing and organizer of the upcoming Creatures, Crime, and Creativity conference in Hunt Valley MD, north of Baltimore. He also teaches at Anne Arundel Community College and works a full-time job.

I truly don’t remember how I came across Austin. We first met in person when I invited him to present to the Writers of Chantilly, the writing group I belong to. Austin gave the group of fledgling writers soup-to-nuts coverage of what to look for—and what to look out for—from starting the book to finding a publisher to what to do after the finished product has been created. As much as he has going on, I’ve never known him to be too busy to share an experience or offer thoughtful advice. Our conversation on Monday ranged from promotion to conferences to writing tips to favorites to guilty pleasure; a quicker hour-and-a-half I can’t remember.

Catching everyone up with what Austin’s activities will take more than one blog post. An interview will be posted next week. For now, here’s information on the C3 conference, as well as Intrigue Publishing.

I’m going somewhere horizontal to read. If I doze off, I’ll get over it. The rest of you, carry on.

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