Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Have a Winner (and a Decision)

We commemorate Day Two of Unintentional Eric Beetner Week by announcing the winner of the last week’s contest to help me to decide what to talk about during my Bouchercon Author’s Choice event, Saturday, September 21 at 4:00.

And the winner is…

Eric Beetner!!!

Woody Allen once said showing up is 80% of success. Well, in Eric’s case, it was 100%; he was the sole commenter, and he liked the original idea.

So, my session is now titled, “Is Chandler' s Concept of the Ideal Hero Still Relevant?” Given that no one had any better suggestions, I’ll expect a healthy gathering in Room 5, even though I’m following Terrence McCauley. (Hmmm, I’m likely to be at Terrence’s session. Maybe if I lock the doors from the outside…)

See you there.

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