Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas / 2013 in Review

‘Twas aught thirteen, a hectic year,
Far busier than most,
The family traveled far and wide,
We were both guests and hosts.

As was expected, Rachel made
The most news of our crew,
Her college graduation came
And went with some ado.

To graduate with honors was
Not all of her acclaim,
Phi Beta Kappa had the key
To share its well-earned fame.

She’s done with school (at least a while)
Now working as a scribe,
To write down what the doctor says
So needs and treatments jibe.

Already there’s an interview,
A med school taking note,
She may soon get to cut folks up,
And wear her own white coat.

But Rachel’s not the only one
A milestone to achieve,
My parents, married sixty years,
A present did receive.

My brother, Stu, and I agreed
To make sure they could see
My Rachel in her cap and gown;
Then after which they’d flee

To Colorado, Hailey’s home
To watch her bid adieu
To high school, amidst family,
Her Dad: the beaming Stu.

Twas Stu who drove them mountainward
And I who brought them back
We learned I-70 quite well,
It was our beaten track.

Eclectic taste in music is
A trait we all enjoy,
Stan Kenton’s old alumni band
Returned me to a boy

The three of us saw TOP
(That’s Tower of Power, you know)*
Plus Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and
Dick Dale, who’s quite a show.

Our Corky’s cards and crafts galore
Continue unabated.
There’s paper stashed from roof to floor;
This card, by her created.

She found some time to take a trip,
New Hampshire, in the fall
To visit with some family,
A good time had by all.

Her son from California came
To visit us at home
And showed that family’s always close
However far they roam.

And as for me, my year has been
A lot of peaks, no valleys,
My first real paper book in print
Was added to my tally.

A readers’ conference gave me space
To sit among my peers
And talk about the way we write
Then knock back several beers.

Recounting all we did this year
Has been a humbling task,
Recalling what’s been done for us
Without needing to ask.

Whatever we accomplish here
Cannot be done alone,
We all depend on your support,
Which is so freely shown.

We hope this note finds all you well,
With futures only bright
The Kings now bid a fond adieu
And wish you all, good night.

( * - This line fits when read with the proper Western Pennsylvania accent.)

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