Wednesday, October 29, 2014

World Tour Update

The 2014 World Tour continues tomorrow with a train ride to NoirCon in Philadelphia. This will be my first NoirCon, l so I’m not 100% sure what to expect, except that I’ll see some old friends, make new ones, and get to meet a few in person who have heretofore been only internet presences to me. A full report is scheduled for November 10.

After that it’s a week of normalcy, then off to
Los Angeles for Bouchercon where I’ll be hosting the first Noir at the (Breakfast) Bar, a/k/a N@bB. Stop by room Harbor A at 9:00 AM PST on Friday (November 14) to hear Les Edgerton, Tim Hallinan, John McFetridge, and me read flash pieces guaranteed to entertain and get you out inside of twenty minutes, after which the Bouchercon organizers will throw us out. (Apparently my reputation precedes me.) The event is BYOB: Bring Your Own Breakfast. Added incentive: the Godfather of Noir at the Bar, Peter Rozovsky, may make a cameo appearance. If he does not, any money collected for admission to the event will be cheerfully refunded.


Rick Ollerman said...

You realize you are directly competing with the time slot they gave me, don't you? Never mind; the water carafe and I will enjoy the gutbusters and approbation leaking through the adjoining walls. Sure hope I'm thirsty.

Dana King said...

I saw that when the schedule came out and showed it to Corky right away. They couldn't have schedule either of us half an hour later, or earlier.

If it makes you feel any better, you're part of the reason I felt I needed reinforcements. "I'm against six panels AND Ollerman? Jesus." I'd planned another dipshit talk about some crime fiction writer or style, but I'm barely qualified to introduce you in either of those areas, so figured I'd better come heavy.

Rick Ollerman said...

You're being far too kind. But you make me think it would be funny if we do our panels about each other. Okay, it would crack me up, at least. We can just settle on me being drunk by eight in the morning and pounding on the wall every time I hear any noise. Then I'll wet myself and the hilarity (in my room) will be complete.

See you next week....