Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays / The Year in Review

The darkness, falling rapidly, implies
The nearness of the holidays to come.
A paradox, for in the winter’s bleak
Remonstrances is found occasion to
Enjoy the celebrations of those things
That matter most: the family, and shared
Anticipation of the year to come
Amid the mixed remembrance of the one
About to pass into the vault of our
Experience, to be exhumed for laugh
Or tear, as need, or situation doth
Require. For now, a brief recap of all
That’s passed—and past—with us, the Kings, throughout
The twelvemonth that will draw to close anon.

The biggest news, and best, belongs to The
Beloved Spouse, a grandmother again,
With Alexander James appearing in
October, which did prompt a visit west
To Oakland, where she reveled in the joys
Transferred from babies to the grown-ups who
Are helpless to do aught but strive to find
The imps’ next need before he knows himself.
The stress and deprivation of true sleep
Both pale in competition weak when held
Within the glow that shines from infant’s light.
She’s riding still upon the high bestowed
By young A.J. those few days in
November, and we vow to get her back
To visit him again before do dim the
Memories of such a joyous trip.

Began the year, did Rachel, pen in hand
Transcribing medical events of dire
(And other) nature in a hospital’s
Emergency facility, where ailments’
True severity did span the gamut,
Both of trauma and imagination.
Returning whence to school again, for work
Toward a Master’s in the hallowed halls
Of Georgetown, physiology to claim
Attention and her energy through June
Of year to come. Good news though that may be,
The best, from selfish context of this scribe,
Logistics’ argument did win the day,
And here, at Castle Schadenfreude, with us,
Her weeks she spends, an unexpected treat.

My year had scant accomplishment, and yet
A recognition I received, unique
In my experience: a nomination
Of award from national and well-
Respected group for mysteries, which rules
Demand a private eye to crack the case
Described. That other won the highest prize
Did not in any way remove the thrill
Of gaining brief admittance to such lofty
Company. Three conferences I did
Attend, from Philly in the east, to Long
Beach in the west. Both educational
And fun, to spur new work, and talents to
Improve. The day job goes as has before:
Employer still the same, and project, too.
The lack of long commute provides more time
To read and follow both the Pirates and
The Pens in more than adequate detail.

Yes, each of us had something new with cause
To celebrate. We hope the same was true
For you, that milestones passed contained within
Them reasons to exalt, with no regret.
We wish for you the coming year to bring
Whate’er it is you want, but, barring that,
At least to get whate’er it is you need.

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