Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Breaking News!!

After a month of sparing no effort and (almost) all expense, my web site is finally up. isn’t just another web site. Nosiree, Bob. First off, it’s blue. A lot of darker shades, and some white, a little black, but mostly, it’s blue.

What’s there? Well, a home page, for starters, which contains a brief bit of news on whatever I’m flogging most at the moment. (Right now it’s The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of, available at Amazon in paperback for $9.89 and in Kindle format for $2.99.) There’s also a brief manifesto of what I feel is important when I write, in which I steal borrow liberally from Raymond Chandler and James M. Cain, because—well, because if one is trying to lend gravitas to one’s personal opinions about one’s endeavors with the written word, one can hardly do better than those two. (Editor’s Note: Using “one” as a second-person reference can also lend gravitas, but mostly it makes one sound like a pretentious douche. We’ll rein him in next time.)

What else? Pages, and lots of them. (Thirty-four, to be exact.) There are pages on:
·        *  The Penns River novels, where you can read free excerpts.
·        *  The Nick Forte novels, also with free excerpts.
·        *  Wild Bill, with—you guessed it—a free excerpt.
·        *  Free Fiction. Enough with the free excerpts. For short stories and flash fiction, everything I’ve written that has ever appeared on the web since the dawn of time is available, gratis. (With, of course, credit to whoever printed it, or gave the idea in a challenge.)
·        *  Interviews and articles. Again, everything I’ve written since our finned antecedents climbed out of the primordial ooze, though these link to the original source. (Many thanks to those who allowed me to take up space on their web sites and blogs.)
·        *  A biography. Of me, containing things never before recounted to anyone. Hell, I didn’t even know some of this stuff until I made typed it up for the site.
·        *  Events. Where I can be found in public. Conferences, signings, community service commitments, whatever. (I thought of leaving this part out, but it turns out it’s a condition of my parole.)
·        *  Kirby Delauter. (Not really, but I’m busting his balls every chance I get.)
 (Poster child for pretentious douches  >

So stop by and have a read. Bookmark it and have several reads. I’ll keep it as current as I can. (Which shouldn’t be too difficult, seeing as how my career is not exactly bursting at the seams with news.) If you read something there you like, please feel free to link to it. I’m just getting out the word, however I can.

(In the “getting out the word” area, I learned yesterday the sister of a co-worker of mine bought a copy of Worst Enemies for her boyfriend after it was recommended to her by a judge in Washington state whose husband has read a couple of my books and liked them. That’s a recommendation to someone I don’t know from someone I didn’t know in the first place. Progress!)

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Scott D. Parker said...

Congrats, Dana. I like how you've tied the links on your page to your characters. I've done similar with my website.