Monday, May 16, 2016

A Door Closes, a Door Opens

We have good news and bad news today. Actually it’s good news and better news, but that doesn’t get anyone’s attention.

First the bad/better news: The Penns River books (Worst Enemies and Grind Joint) are no longer available. Anywhere. Well, maybe from some black market asshole, one of the guys who advertises copies of Grind Joint for a penny and up. Used bookstores. (Not that anyone would let such a deathless tome out of their hands.) I took the books down yesterday, because…


Down & Out books will re-release both of them later this year. I’ve seen the covers and this is going to be a first-class operation. (Not that the original wasn’t, but D&OB are packaging the series as a series, and the unifying aspects of the covers are both creative and unmistakable.) Stay tuned for more news on their availability later this year, as well as the third book in the Penns River series, Resurrection Mall, scheduled to drop in the spring of 2017.

So what’s the other news?

The fourth Nick Forte novel, A Dangerous Lesson, became available in paper and electronic
versions yesterday on all finer Amazons everywhere. Forte’s had it tough lately and things are no better. Asked to look into the background of a young man to satisfy the fears of a grandmother, Forte finds the subject of the investigation is even more unsavory than Grandma feared, and that’s not the worst of it. Nick’s friends—Chicago cops Sonny Ng and Jan Rusiewicz—are working together on a task force charged with catching the Thursday Night Slasher, a sadistic killer who has been terrorizing Chicago for months. Forte becomes drawn in and doesn’t know why. Is his case connected? Has he stumbled onto something else? Is the Slasher someone with another connection to him taking an opportunity to make his life miserable? The story intermingles subplots of domestic abuse and memory manipulation and takes Forte to an even darker place than The Man in the Window.

A Dangerous Lesson is available in paper for $10.95 and Kindle for $2.99. (Or the equivalent in various currencies around the Amazon-serviced world.) Less than eleven (three) bucks, people. What other author looks out for his/her readers like that? You want a signed copy? I’ll sign it. Hell, I’ll sign another author’s name if that’s what you want. I’ll sign another author’s book with his name. Your choice. That’s how far I’m willing to go to give my readers a satisfying experience. See if that stick up his ass James Patterson will go that far.

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seana graham said...

Very exciting news, Dana! Luckily for me, I have an ebook of Worst Enemies But I'll be filling out my library with the books I don't have, and will probably go for print versions. Best of luck getting the word out!