Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"Why Should I Read Bad Samaritan?" You Ask.

Well Bad Samaritan launched Monday and I’m two days closer to retirement. It’s a good feeling.

The Beloved Spouse™ mentioned to me this morning that it’s entirely possible not everyone who reads this blog may have obtained a copy yet. I was suitably insulted on your behalf, arguing readers of such erudition would surely have not only bought a copy by now but almost certainly have read it at least once already. (You’re welcome.)

Upon reflection it occurred to me some of you may have weightier things on your minds than reading my book. A little more encouragement could be in order. Okay. Here are some additional reasons why you personally should read Bad Samaritan. (Those who have already purchased the book may stop here, though you are welcome to forward this post as you see fit.)

10. Donald Trump is not mentioned anywhere in it.
9. The author will stop calling you at home to read random excerpts.
8. Dick Dale (“King of the Surf Guitar”) makes a cameo appearance.
7. Books invite readers to use their imaginations and Lily O’Donoghue is smokin’ hot.
6. Eric Beetner didn’t publish a book this week, so what the hell?
5. Gives you something to do while avoiding the news.
4. Purchase by January 31 for a chance to have Goose intimidate the asshole of your choice.
3. Books invite readers to use their imaginations and Sharon is as hot as Lily if you’re of a certain age.
2. Reading Bad Samaritan will make you appreciate other Down & Out Books authors that much more.
1. The Sole Heir™ is still paying for medical school. I’m begging you, man.

Bad Samaritan is available at these fine locations:
Direct from Down & Out Books (Purchases of trade paperbacks from the Down & Out site include a free download of the e-book.)
Amazon — Trade Paperback | eBook 
Barnes & Noble — Trade PaperbackeBook 
iTunes — eBook 
Kobo — eBook 
Play — eBook


pattinase (abbott) said...

That is the truth about Eric. He must write in his sleep.

Dana King said...

You know what the real pisser is about Eric? He's that prolific (and does all the other stuff he does) and he's still better than I am.