Monday, April 23, 2018

The Black Car Business Drops April 30

The Black Car Business launches one week from today.

“Okay,” you say. “What’s The Black Car Business?”

Fair enough. The Black Car Business is the newest anthology from the criminal masterminds at Down & Out Books. It’s a collection of stories that could be about anything, but you can rest assured “anything” does not include Corgi puppies riding on a unicorn that’s farting rainbows.

Think about the black car that’s been following you for the past half-hour. Doesn’t speed up, doesn’t slow down. You see two people in the front seats not well enough to describe them.

What about the black car that sits at the curb all day? Not right across from your house, but close enough to watch it.

Or the black car that pulls into your driveway. The driver door opens and a man with hams for biceps and no neck wearing gold chains and a track suit opens the door for a gentleman with hair in his ears whose eyes have all the vibrant enthusiasm of a shark.

Lawrence Kelter, author the best-selling Stephanie Chalice and Chloe Mather series as well as over a dozen other books, pulled together a wide and varied collection of authors including Eric Beetner, J. Carson Black, Cheryl Bradshaw, Diane Capri, Jeffery Hess, Lawrence Kelter himself, Allan Leverone, Simon Wood, and Vincent Zandri. (Okay, and me. Buy the book anyway.) Larry will be here on Friday to talk about the anthology in more detail, so I’ll cut to the chase.

You can pre-order The Black Car Business from Down & Out Books without having to do any more than click this link. Trade paperbacks are available at $15.95 with e-books selling for $3.99. Not a typo. Three dollars and 99 cents. Not even four bucks for the assemblage of talent listed above. (And me.) Of course, for the full freight of $15.95 you get the feel and smell of an honest to God book with the pride of ownership that comes with being able to look at a unique collection of fiction on your own personal bookshelf, waiting for you to pick it up and read it, or re-read it, as often as you like. Dog-ear your favorite passages. Bring it to Bouchercon and get the authors to sign it. They won’t all be there, but bring a copy to and I’ll put whoever’s name you want in it.

The Black Car Business. April 30 from Down & Out Books. Don’t be the guy who wonders what everyone is talking about when next year’s awards come out. You’ll thank me later.

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