Friday, January 18, 2019

Ten-Seven Launches Monday

That’s right, Ten-Seven drops on Monday so this weekend is your last chance to pre-order it before the great unwashed masses who actually wait for books to become generally available get their grubby paws on it. (Editor’s Note: The author loves his great unwashed grubby-pawed readers as much as any others. This description is a shameless ploy to generate hype among those susceptible to it.) (Editor’s Note to the Editor’s Note: To those who are susceptible to the arbitrary generation of hype, please be advised the author meant no disrespect. He loves and admires your boundless enthusiasm.)

Where was I before I was so rudely interrupted? Right. Ten-Seven. As this is the final weekend before launch, I’m making this one time only offer: anyone who buys a copy of Ten-Seven this weekend—before the launch—is entitled to one free signature of mine in the book you purchased. You may, and are encouraged to, buy more than one book and I will provide one signature per book purchased. This offer has no restrictions. Anyplace you find me, at any time, present your copy of the book or books and I will sign it or them to the specifications you request. (Editor’s Note: He’ll do that for any book, not just the pre-ordered copies. I don’t know why he insists on being so melodramatic.)

So far all you’ve had is my word for it that you might want to give Ten-Seven a try. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust me, either. That’s why this time I’m including what these three big-time authors had to say:

"Consistently one of the best in the business. As good as any I've ever read. Dana King, to quote Don Kirkendall of Men Reading Books, is 'top-shelf entertainment.' Ten-Seven keeps that ball rolling." --Charlie Stella

"Dana King's latest novel Ten-Seven returns his readers to Penns River in a propulsive mystery thriller that showcases his ear for dialogue, penchant for wry humor, and mastery of the police procedural, all while his finger is firmly on the pulse of America's Rust Belt. Ten-Seven is the perfect novel for fans of Elmore Leonard and Tana French and will leave his readers hungrily awaiting the next installment." --Eryk Pruitt, Anthony Award-nominated author of What We Reckon

"Ten-Seven is a prime example of the kind of small-town procedural that tells you as much about the town and its denizens as it does the crime at hand. The The Ice Harvest and The Walkaway
kind of solid plotting and characterizations I love in another favorite Pennsylvania crime writer, the great KC Constantine." --Scott Phillips, author of

Now that you’re slavering at the bit, it’s only fair to tell you where to go to get a copy (or copies) of your very own.
Amazon — Trade Paperback | eBook 
Amazon UK — 
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Barnes & Noble — 
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IndieBound — 
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iTunes — 
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I know this past week has been pretty intense. I promise to go back to more standard programming you can safely ignore in a little while.

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