Thursday, October 1, 2020

Who Cares What King Thinks?


Much of this blog’s recent content involves either writing craft or the philosophy of writing, which leads to obvious question:


“Why should anyone care what Dana King thinks about any of this?”


Yeah, well, I’ll have you know I’ve sold scores of books over the past ten years, pal. Tell your story walking.


Back to reality. It’s a reasonable question. How can someone with my profile presume anyone else cares what he says about writing? Even I don’t often read articles about writing unless written by someone whose work I know and respect. Who am I to expect other to take interest in what I think?


That’s easy: I don’t. There’s an old story about a couple about to have sex for the first time. She notices his erection spans three inches, at best, and asks, “Exactly who do you plan to satisfy with that?”


“Me,” he says.


I write these for me. If you gain any benefit, that’s great. If there’s one thing I feel I was born to do, it’s teach. I love it and I’ve had enough feedback to know I’m good at it. Events and timing killed what career hopes I had, but I still get to do some on the day job. If these posts get anyone to think about something they might not have thought about otherwise, that’s great. The teacher in me hopes you’ll let me know in the comments.


Hearing from you is nice, but it’s gravy. I have learned over time the best way for me to refine a thought is to write about it, even if I never show what I’ve written to anyone. A personal standard allows me to see if I’m on a track worth pursuing or if I’m kidding myself. I’ve lost track of how many potential blog posts are never completed because I wasn’t satisfied with how the thoughts come together, or get a few hundred words in and realize not even I care enough about this topic to go on.


This is where I order my mind. I post because—well, because I can. The Internet gives every swinging dick who thinks he has something to say a venue. I work to ensure I don’t too often fall into the noise, so maybe someone else will learn something, or consider something new, or just pass a little pleasant time on a tough day.



Elgin Bleecker said...

I care to hear your thoughts on writing.
You’ve turned out some top-notch books. Anyone who hasn’t read your work needs to get over to Amazon now.
I read articles on writing in the hopes of finding the secret formula that will make the process easier. While I’ve picked up some good tips, I have not found that secret formula. But I’ll keep looking.

Dana King said...

Thank you, Elgin. Much appreciated.

As for looking for the secret formula, good luck with that.