Friday, January 7, 2022

1,000, 1K, M, or a Grand Post


This is the one thousandth post to One Bite at a Time; the first was August 17, 2008. The blog has gone through many changes, both in topic and frequency. It has wavered on the brink of extinction a few times, and at times been something I couldn’t wait to get to.

 The original plan was for it to serve as what marketing people call a platform, a social media presence so readers and potential readers could see how my mind worked. As most of us have learned since, blogs aren’t so hot for marketing unless you’re already at least reasonably successful, or willing to work 23 hours a day at promotion in general. That knowledge almost killed it until I realized how much good I’d done by providing myself a place to work out my thoughts, knowing I’d apply a higher standard to those I made public than I would to things that just kept floating around in my head.

 Where did the name “One Bite at a Time” come from? As I described in Post 1:

 One day a few years ago, The Spousal Equivalent (Editor’s Note: She has since been promoted to The Beloved Spouse™) caught me whining about how discouraging it was to know I had probably fifty thousand words left to write on the current project. The thirty thousand I already had on disk were of no consequence. As a writer, I'm not one of those "glass is half empty" guys; my glass is broken and the water is running onto valuable things that will be irretrievably damaged by the contact.

 She recommended for me to stop looking at the enormity of the total task, and to "eat the elephant one bite at a time. Now there's rarely any more on my plate than I can accomplish in a day, or some other easily digested period of time, and I never have those slumps where I can't bear to sit down and write because I can only accomplish an infinitesimal amount of the work before me.

 Sometimes coming up with a post a week is work. It’s never a chore. I have posts planned out for the rest of this month already, as well as some interview questions I need to get to that will carry things into February. As little Roseanne Roseannadanna’s father used to say, “It’s always something.”

 Thanks to everyone who has followed me these years, as well as to those who only occasionally stop by. Special thanks to those who comment. All writers understand the feeling of sending words into the void. It’s always nice to get feedback, even if in disagreement. Sometimes especially disagreements, as they provide food for thought. I’m always looking for good reasons to change my mind.



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Ef Deal said...

Isn't it funny, we were just discussing the "eat the elephant one bite at a time" at World Con! It's about what I'm doing right now.