Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Checking the Next Box

eBook Architects returned my MOBI and EPUB files last week. Due to an action-packed week (a friend I haven’t seen in fourteen years in town, picking up The Sole heir’s new(er) car, and cleaning up the residue of a sump pump failure), I only today was able to finish proofing and returning the errors to the formatter.

Having read quite a few Kindle books now, I was prepared for a substantial list of errors. I’ve read—from major publishers, no less—with missing quotation marks, irregularly indented paragraphs, inconsistent justification, and words run together. Even XHTML code appearing where some English language symbol should be.

What I found were a total of six errors.

All of them mine.

I sent the comments back today and hope they’ll be returned before too long. Once they’re back, I’ll have the book posted to Kindle within a week. Many thanks to Joshua Tallent and everyone at eBook Architects for a wonderful job.

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