Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild Bill is Available for Kindle and Nook

Those of you who follow the news closely enough may have heard a hurricane will strike the East Coast this weekend. Those of you who have experienced hurricanes know they can be damned inconvenient, especially when they fall on weekends. Everyone is pretty much confined to their homes, hoping the power doesn’t go out.

With this potential denial of entertainment in mind, we (okay, I) have decided not to wait for August 29 for Wild Bill’s release . It’s available for download now, both for Kindle and Nook.

Don’t delay. The power could go out at any time this weekend, and you’re going to need something to read.  Don’t risk the chagrin of realizing too late you could have downloaded Wild Bill for your Kindle or Nook, but now it’s too late, as your home router is down.

Only $2.99. That’s less than the cost of a gallon of the gas you’ll save by not driving around this weekend. I can’t offer a better deal than that.

Did I mention it’s available now for both Kindle and Nook?

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Charlieopera said...

Two just went out as kindle gifts ... this book ROCKS!