Friday, May 11, 2012

Tim Hallinan’s ‘Skin Deep’ Free This Weekend!

Any semi-regular visitor here knows I’ve been in the tank for Tim Hallinan’s writing since I read his first Poke Rafferty book, A Nail Through the Heart. There have been three subsequent Rafferty novels and two entries in the Junior Bender series, all of which have done nothing but burnish his reputation.

Tim’s talent didn’t spring unaided from Zeus’s head with A Nail Through the Heart. Before there was Poke Rafferty, there was Simeon Grist, LA private investigator, with his own well received series of novels. This weekend, Tim is making the third Grist novel, Skin Deep, available for Kindle, free of charge.

Library Journal called Skin Deep, “Hallinan’s best.” The Chicago Tribune said it was, “Excellent.” Kirkus called it, “A sharp LA noir portrait.” (And this was back in the days before anyone could buy Kirkus reviews.)

Anyone not familiar with Tim’s work is missing out; his books run the gamut from “very good” to “great” to “holy shit.” Pick up a free copy of Skin Deep if you’re looking for an introduction. I guarantee you’ll want more.

Click here for your free Kindle copy of Skin Deep.

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