Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wild Bill Reviewed at Crime Factory

Many thanks to reviewer Frank Wheeler and everyone at Crime Factory for the flattering review of Wild Bill. (Almost forgot about that one, didn’t you?) Here’s a bit of what Mr. Wheeler had to say:

King’s novel has incredible pacing, and you’ll want
to read it in one sitting. The dialogue sounds like what you’d hear from frustrated cops inside surveillance vans, or from covertly made tapes of the mobsters. This has a realism that bites the reader, especially in the way it shows that law enforcement, like every other large organization, is subject to the whims of those at the top.

Reading this was a fine way to start a Tuesday, especially considering the other writers reviewed in this issue included Adrian McKinty, Daniel Woodrell, Christa Faust, Gerard Brennan, and Ray Banks.

Lots of good stuff in this issue, including an interview with Megan Abbott, articles on director William Friedkin and writer Charles Willeford. Well worth your time.